Shan Boodram is the Internet’s most sought-after, certified sex educator, dating coach and relationship expert with over 25 million YouTube views alongside her mainstream coverage across ABC’s “The View,” MTV, The Steve Harvey Show, CNN, The New York Times, Forbes and Time Magazine.

Known by her community as “Shan Boody,” she is currently the relationship-expert host and a consulting producer for Facebook Watch’s, Make Up or Break Up which is now in its second season. Make up or Break Up is streamed live infront of a studio audience.

Boodram solidified her status as a go-to-girl in the dating space as the host and executive producer of the Fullscreen series, Your Perfect Date, where she serves as a coach to help individuals in need of polished dating protocol (also streaming its second season).

Boodram first made her way onto the scene and caught the attention of international press with her work on MTV's Guide to Series that ran over the summer in 2016.

Boodram is a Canadian best-selling author with her book, LAID, and is a contributing writer for Freeform (formerly ABC Family) Network’s The Bold Type series, a show that follows an up-and-coming reporter at a fictionalized Cosmopolitan Magazine. Boodram’s work for the show also currently appears in the original Cosmopolitan Magazine’s online destination.

Shan is an ambassador for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, American Sexual Health Association and She currently lives in Los Angeles where she is a full-time vocal advocate for sex-positive conversations and empowering the masses with clinical information through a youthful lens.

Shan Boodram’s official title may be certified sexologist, but we just consider her to be a sexual badass.
— Essence
At a time when only 24 states mandate sexual education, reliable, accessible information about sex can be difficult to find online. Boodram and her YouTube comrades are providing an indispensable service.
As Facebook cranks out new, original series on the platform Watch, a few have caught our eye, including the real-time dating show Make Up or Break Up hosted by Shan Boodram
— Entertainment Tonight